Asus X4GJF Windows 7(64bit) Drivers


Asus X4GJF Windows 7(64bit) Drivers Download Now

  Vendor File Version Size
 Download (192) BIOS BIOS 210
1.Fix system has chance to hang at 0x0d during POST.
2.Add missing HKEY & KBFT method for KB Filter driver.
3.Disable GLAN 8131 workaround function.
4.Firmware update for China marketing issue.
210 2011.02.21  update
 Download (162) BIOS BIOS 208
Fix the problem that system will not step-down voltage when SHE on, only down frequency.
208 2011.01.28  update
 Download (146) VGA nVidia Graphics Driver V8.17.12.6830 2011.06.02  update
 Download (149) VGA Intel Graphics Driver V8.15.10.2291 2011.03.09  update

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