Dell Inspiron i13z-3181sLV reviews

The Dell Inspiron i13z-3181sLV 13-Inch Laptop is here for you.With that in order to take your life with you in style.

The compact Inspiron™ 13z features 2nd Gen Intel® Core™ processor power.Go further.At 0.82-inch(21mm) thin and weighing only 3.81lbs.(1.73kg),Inspiron 13z is mobile enough to take wherever you go. Optional mobile broadband helps you connect virtually anywhere, and battery life over 7 hours helps you stay connected all day.

And it power your projects.From term papers to social networking, your priorities are easier to tackle with 2nd Gen Intel® Core™ processor power, Windows® 7 Home Premium operating system and 6GB of memory.It operates faster than any of this type of laptops.SWITCH it up.Whether you need to make a splash in class or just want your PC to complement your fashion sense, the new line of interchangeable SWITCH lids available on the Inspiron 13z are designed to match your style. Choose from the new colors to find the right SWITCH lids for you.When to keep in touch with something.With Inspiron 13z, it’s easy to video chat with friends anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection. A built-in HD webcam and pre-installed Skype™ make it possible.

Your digital life, all in one place.Keep your music, videos, photos and more at your fingertips with Dell Stage software. With SyncUP powered by Nero, you can also enjoy the same content on your PC, smartphone and tablet.When you feel lonely,you can open it and then click the mouth.The music or movie will come up with you.Just stay everywhere you like and take it,to enjoy the fantastic screen and the scenes on the own a special horizon and a notebook  suits to you.

With SyncUP powered by Nero, you can also enjoy the same content on your PC, smartphone and tablet.It’s convenient, light, thin, easy to carry around. And it’s fast! The keyboard is comfortable. But the whole thing seems a bit flimsy and I wonder how long it will last–I’ve only had it about a month. Worse, there was a problem from the beginning with the wireless. I called Dell support and a technician corrected the problem by helping me download a new driver to replace a corrupted one and now it works fine. But why was there a corrupted driver on a brand new laptop? The battery lasts about four hours which is OK though it would be nice to have a longer-lasting battery. There is no DVD drive, but I bought an external drive which works fine, is not expensive and I can leave it home when I’m traveling. Compared to my Dell Inspiron, which is about five years old, the 13z is faster and more convenient but not as sturdy and you do have to get used to a smaller screen.

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