Acer Aspire 7745/7745G Windows 7 Drivers

Windows 7 Drivers For Acer Aspire 7745/7745G Notebook. The Acer Aspire 7745G is a very powerful computer, thanks to the Intel Core i5 540M, with a graphics card capable of appeasing most gamers’ needs. The large screen frustrates due to its narrow viewing angle and opting for gloss over matte will always be a point of personal preference. The touchpad is good fun to play and work with, but the keyboard is shocking. Perhaps that’s hyperbole – the keyboard is shocking relative to how much you are paying for this laptop.

Acer Aspire 7745/7745G Windows 7 Drivers Download Now
Acer Aspire 7745 7745G Windows 7 64-bit Drivers

DownloadChipsetIntelAcer Aspire 7745/7745G Chipset Driver9.1.1.10242.3 MB2010/04/12
DownloadAHCIIntelAcer Aspire 7745/7745G SATA AHCI Driver9.5.6.10019.8 MB2010/04/12
DownloadAudioRealtekAcer Aspire 7745/7745G Audio Driver6.0.1.605078.4 MB2010/04/12
DownloadBluetoothAtherosAcer Aspire 7745/7745G Bluetooth Driver6.4.371.5 MB2010/04/12
DownloadBluetoothBroadcomBluetooth Driver6.2.1.120055.6 MB2010/04/12
DownloadCardReaderAlcorAcer Aspire 7745/7745G Card Reader Driver1.3.17.050068.0 MB2010/04/12
DownloadLanAtherosAcer Aspire 7745/7745G LAN Driver1. MB2010/04/12
DownloadTouchPadSynapticsTouchpad Driver14. MB2010/04/12
DownloadTurbo BoostIntelTurbo Boost Driver1.1.0.10051.8 MB2010/04/12
DownloadVGAATIAcer Aspire 7745/7745G VGA Driver8.692.1.0192.1 MB2010/04/12
DownloadVGAIntelVGA Driver8.15.10.205739.5 MB2010/04/12
DownloadWireless LANAtherosAcer Aspire 7745/7745G Wireless LAN Driver8.0.0.30531.5 MB2010/04/12
DownloadWireless LANBroadcomWireless LAN Driver5.60.48.3520.5 MB2010/04/12
DownloadWireless LANIntelWireless LAN Driver13.0.0.107126.7 MB2010/04/12
DownloadBIOSAcer1. Updates VGA card VBIOS version. (more…)1.053.4 MB2010/07/23
DownloadBIOSAcerAcer Aspire 7745/7745G BIOS1.033.4 MB2010/06/14

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