Acer Aspire E5-411 E5-411G Windows 10 Drivers

some question about E5-411

How many RAM slots does an E5-411 have and are their any ram upgrade videos out there?

PC3-10600 runs at 1333MHz, PC3-12800 @ 1600MHz, so if you mix the different speed modules, your system will run at lower speed which is 1333MHz. It’s recommended to install modules with matching specs for smooth operation.

why no bluetooth device showing after win 7 installation on new E5-411?

The only way to do it was install win 8.1 for evaluation. Now there are bluetooth devices where they should be in ‘device manager’. And everything works a whole lot better than when I had win 7 on there. I’ve learnt the hard way that the latest hardware and drivers are not compatible with win 7, anybody who tries to install on win 8 supported model will only have problems, things not working properly or not at all. Hope this helps others, time to move on from win 7 I think and hey 8.1 ain’t that bad really.

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