Acer Aspire One D150 Driver & Specification

Aspire one d150Weighing at only 1.2kg – 1.3kg,and just 1.3”,the Acer Aspire One D150 is stylish and easy-to-use.The Aspire One D150 netbook with a 10.1″ WSVGA (1024 x 600) TFT LCD provides continuous access to the Internet and weighs just under three pounds.

The Aspire One D150 netbook is designed to be an affordable and simple solution for Web browsing, e-mail management, instant messaging, VOIP calls, streaming video, photo viewing and music enjoyment. In short, it strikes just the right balance between mobility and productivity.

The Aspire One D150 has something for everyone—business users constantly on-the-go, young students who need their first PC, or tech aficionados seeking a lightweight, secondary device with extended battery power.

  • Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition
  • Intel® Atom™ Processor N270
    (512KB L2 cache, 1.60GHz, 533MHz FSB)
  • Mobile Intel® 945GSE Express
  • 1GB DDR2 533 SDRAM
  • 160GB* hard drive
  • 10.1″ WSVGA (1024 x 600) TFT LCD, Acer® CrystalBrite Technology
  • Two integrated stereo speakers
  • Multi-in-one card reader
  • Acer® InviLink 802.11b/g wireless LAN, Acer® SignalUp technology for enhanced antenna efficiency, WI-FI CERTIFIED™
  • 84-key keyboard, embedded numeric keypad, hotkey controls, 1.6mm minimum key travel, international language support
  • 10.3″ (260.0mm) W x 7.3″ (185.0mm) D x 1.3” (33.4) H
  • 2.6 lb. (1.2kg) with three-cell battery, 2.9 lb. (1.3kg) with six-cell battery
  • 30-watt AC adapter

Acer Aspire One D150 Driver Download NowDrivers update check time: 2019/12/16

Generic UG
Acer Generic User Guide2009/02/131.0458.9 KB
Filename: AS_ONE_User_Guide_Eng_OLM_0114.zipWindows 7 64-bit 7 32-bit XP 32-bitDownload
Acer Quick Start Guide2009/02/131.0455.7 KB
Filename: AS_ONE_QG_XP_Eng.zipWindows 7 64-bit 7 32-bit XP 32-bitDownload
Acer Fixes Atom N280 CPU frequency incorrect in Windows 7 OS.2010/02/011.132.3 MB
Filename: BIOS_ACER_1.13_Windows_AOD150.zipWindows 7 64-bit 7 32-bit XP 32-bitDownload
Acer BIOS2012/11/151.092.3 MB
Filename: BIOS_Acer_1.09_Windows.zipWindows 7 64-bit 7 32-bit XP 32-bitDownload
Acer Acer Updater2012/04/131.02.35027.8 MB
Filename: Acer Updater_Acer_1.02.3502_Win7x86x64.zipWindows 7 64-bit 7 32-bitDownload
Option 3G Module Driver (GTM382E)2009/12/ MB
Filename: 3G_Option_(GTM382E)_v5.0.29.0_Win7x86.zipWindows 7 32-bitDownload
Option 3G Module Driver (GTM380E)2009/12/ MB
Filename: 3G_Option_(GTM380E)_v4.0.17.0_Win7x86.zipWindows 7 32-bitDownload
QUALCOMM 3G Module Driver (Gobi1000)2009/12/091.0.27109.9 MB
Filename: 3G_Qualcomm_(Gobi1000)_v1.0.27_Win7x86.zipWindows 7 32-bitDownload
Option 3G Module Driver2010/08/ MB
Filename: 3G_Option_5.0.12.0_XPx86.zipWindows XP 32-bitDownload
QUALCOMM 3G Module Driver (Gobi1000)2010/08/181.0.14103.5 MB
Filename: 3G_Qualcomm (Gobi1000)_1.0.14_XPx86.zipWindows XP 32-bitDownload
Realtek Audio Driver2009/11/ MB
Filename: Audio_Realtek_v. 7 32-bitDownload
Realtek Audio Driver2009/12/ MB
Filename: Audio_Realtek_5.10.0.5928_AOD150_XPx86.zipWindows XP 32-bitDownload
Suyin Camera Driver (AP)2009/11/ MB
Filename: Camera_Suyin(AP)_v. 7 32-bitDownload
Chicony Camera Driver (AP)2009/11/ MB
Filename: Camera_Chicony(AP)_v. 7 32-bitDownload
liteon Camera Driver (AP)2009/11/190.734.6 MB
Filename: Camera_LiteOn(AP)_v.0.73_Win7x86.zipWindows 7 32-bitDownload
liteon Camera Driver2009/02/ MB
Filename: CCD_LiteOn_AP_5.8.33.005_XPx86.zipWindows XP 32-bitDownload
Suyin Camera Driver2009/02/ MB
Filename: CCD_Suyin_1.0.2.1_XPx86.zipWindows XP 32-bitDownload
Chicony Camera Driver2009/02/ MB
Filename: CCD_Chicony_AP_1.1.69.1216_XPx86.zipWindows XP 32-bitDownload
Realtek Card Reader Driver2012/03/286.1.7100.300947.2 MB
Filename: Cardreader_Realtek_6.1.7100.30094_Win7x86.zipWindows 7 32-bitDownload
Realtek Card Reader Driver2009/02/136.0.6000.756.8 MB
Filename: Cardreader_Realtek_6.0.6000.75_XPx86.zipWindows XP 32-bitDownload
Intel Chipset Driver2012/04/ MB
Filename: Chipset_Intel_(GM45)_9.1.1.1020_Win7x86.zipWindows 7 32-bitDownload
Intel Chipset Driver2009/02/ MB
Filename: Chipset_Intel_8.3.0.1018_XPx86.zipWindows XP 32-bitDownload
Atheros LAN Driver2012/03/ MB
Filename: LAN_Atheros(AR8131_AR8132)_1.0.0.10_Win7x86.zipWindows 7 32-bitDownload
Atheros LAN Driver2009/02/ MB
Filename: LAN_Atheros_1.0.0.30_XPx86.zipWindows XP 32-bitDownload
Intel SATA Driver2012/03/ MB
Filename: SATA_Intel_ICH9_8.9.0.1023_Win7x86.zipWindows 7 32-bitDownload
Intel SATA Driver2009/02/ MB
Filename: IMSM_Intel_v8.0.0.1039_XPx86.zipWindows XP 32-bitDownload
ALPS Touchpad Driver2012/04/027.5.2002.11079.1 MB
Filename: Touchpad_ALPS_7.5.2002.1107_Win7x86.zipWindows 7 32-bitDownload
Synaptics Touchpad Driver2012/03/2814. MB
Filename: Touchpad_Synaptics_14.0.4.0_Win7x86.zipWindows 7 32-bitDownload
Synaptics Touchpad Driver2009/02/1312. MB
Filename: Touchpad_Synaptics_12.0.4.0_XPx86.zipWindows XP 32-bitDownload
Intel VGA Driver2009/10/ MB
Filename: VGA_Intel_v. 7 32-bitDownload
Intel VGA Driver2009/02/ MB
Filename: VGA_Intel_6.14.10.4926_XPx86.zipWindows XP 32-bitDownload
Wireless LAN
Atheros Wireless LAN Driver2012/03/ MB
Filename: WLAN_Atheros_8.0.0.225_Win7x86.zipWindows 7 32-bitDownload
Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver2012/03/ MB
Filename: WLAN_Broadcom_5.30.21.0_Win7x86.zipWindows 7 32-bitDownload
Atheros Wireless LAN Driver2009/02/ MB
Filename: WLAN_Atheros_7.6.0.260_XPx86.zipWindows XP 32-bitDownload
Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver2009/02/ MB
Filename: WLAN_Broadcom_4.170.75.0_XPx86.zipWindows XP 32-bitDownload
Intel Wireless LAN Driver2009/02/1312.1.0.1444.0 MB
Filename: WLAN_Intel_12.1.0.14_XPx86.zipWindows XP 32-bitDownload
Dritek LaunchManager Application2012/03/ MB
Filename: LaunchManager_Dritek_2.1.03_Win7x86.zipWindows 7 32-bitDownload
Dritek Acer LaunchManager Application2009/02/ MB
Filename: LaunchManager_Dritek_2.0.06_XPx86.zipWindows XP 32-bitDownload
Foxconn Bluetooth Driver2009/02/ MB
Filename: Bluetooth_Foxconn_5.1.0.4500_XPx86.zipWindows XP 32-bitDownload


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