Acer Aspire X5810 Windows XP & 7 Drivers

Windows XP & 7 Drivers For Acer Aspire X5810 Desktop.The performance results reflect the relatively beefy specification. In our CPU megatest earlier this year, we got a benchmark score of 1.37 for the Core 2 Quad Q8200, and the Acer returned an almost textbook 1.32 for its efforts. Having said that, the Office score, in particular, was surprisingly low – we rested several times after tweaking settings, but couldn’t obtain a score higher than 0.88.

Compared to the HP s5180a, the Acer feels a touch more zippy and responsive, so it’s likely that the performance will feel better in practice than the the 1.32 suggests.

The graphics chipset is the Intel integrated X4500, but it performs well with our benchmarks. It’s not at the top of gaming performance by any stretch – we’ve seen double the framerate on the best performing desktops – but 75fps on our low settings Crysis benchmark is plenty enough to handle most of the games you could throw at this slender desktop.

The more you ask of the graphics subsystem, the less impressive it looks – barely 12 fps at high settings isn’t playable for Crysis, at least – but Intel’s claims of gaming performance don’t look like idle boasts.

The G43 chipset, around which the system is based, is similar to the G45 of more expensive models that form Intel’s ‘enthusiast’ lineup for the Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad processors, but it lacks fully accelerated hardware encoding/decoding of MPEG2.
Acer Aspire X5810 Windows 7 Drivers Downlaod Now
Acer Aspire X5810 Windows XP 32-bit Drivers

DownloadChipsetIntelChipset Driver9.1.0.10142.5 MB2009/05/12
DownloadAudioRealtekAudio Driver5.10.0.579615.8 MB2009/05/12
DownloadLanIntelLAN Driver1.2.79.924.1 MB2009/05/12
DownloadModemAgereModem Driver2.1.86712.4 KB2009/05/12
DownloadVGAATIVGA Driver8.591.0.0000149.2 MB2009/05/12
DownloadVGAIntelVGA Driver5.10.0.104713.6 MB2009/05/12
DownloadVGANVIDIAVGA Driver6.14.11.815172.5 MB2009/05/12
DownloadWireless LANRalinkWireless LAN Driver1.03.00.00002.7 MB2009/05/12

Acer Aspire X5810 Windows 7 32-bit(64-bit) Drivers

DownloadChipsetIntelChipset Driver9.1.1.10152.3 MB2009/12/02
DownloadAudioRealtekAudio Driver2.2958.0 MB2009/12/02
DownloadModemliteonModem Driver2.2.95720.7 KB2009/12/02
DownloadModemPro-NetsModem Driver2.2.95720.3 KB2009/12/02
DownloadOthersIntelOther Drivers (Storage) MB2009/12/02
DownloadTV TunerAverMediaTV Tuner Driver (DVB-T) KB2009/12/02
DownloadTV TunerAverMediaTV Tuner Driver (ATSC) KB2009/12/02
DownloadTV TunerYuanTV Tuner Driver6.0.32.00591.4 MB2009/12/02
DownloadVGAATIVGA Driver8.632.0.0000109.3 MB2009/12/02
DownloadVGANVIDIAVGA Driver1.00.00.55113.7 MB2010/01/21
DownloadWireless LANliteonWireless LAN Driver3.00.02.0000398.7 KB2009/12/02
DownloadWireless LANPro-NetsWireless LAN Driver4.00.02.0000347.0 KB2009/12/02
DownloadBIOSAcerBIOSP01.B12.0 MB2009/12/08
DownloadBIOSAcerBIOS for LinuxP01.A2L723.1 KB2009/06/11
DownloadBIOSAcerBIOSP01.A31.4 MB2009/06/11
DownloadBIOSAcerBIOSP01.A0973.9 KB2009/05/19

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