Acer TimelineX 3820T 3820TG Notebook Drivers and Features

Acer not only release their TimelineX 1830T, but thewill launch TimelineX 3820T (13.3-inch).  Acer Aspire 3820T comes with thin and light design, it also powered by latest intel Core processor (i3 or i5 or even i7).Acer Aspire 3820T features 640GB of harddisk, 4GB of DDR3 RAM memory, ATI Radeon HD5470 and HD5650 video graphics card, wireless, DVD burner, HDMI, bluetooth with 6-cell battery.

Acer 3820T 3820TG Windows 7 Drivers

DownloadChipsetIntelAcer 3820T 3820TG Chipset Driver9.1.1.10252.3 MB2010/03/17
Download3GEricssonAcer 3820T 3820TG 3G Module Driver6.1.18.812.6 MB2010/03/17
Download3GHuawei3G Module Driver2.0.3.82838.4 MB2010/03/17
Download3GQUALCOMM3G Module Driver1.1.00109.9 MB2010/03/17
DownloadAHCIIntelAcer 3820T 3820TG SATA AHCI Driver9.5.6.100116.1 MB2010/03/17
DownloadAMTIntelAcer 3820T 3820TG Intel iAMT Driver6.0.0.11795.3 MB2010/03/17
DownloadAudioRealtekAcer 3820T 3820TG Audio Driver6.0.1.602977.4 MB2010/03/17
DownloadBluetoothAtherosAcer 3820T 3820TG Bluetooth Driver6.04.00264.8 MB2010/03/17
DownloadBluetoothBroadcomAcer 3820T 3820TG Bluetooth Driver6.2.1.80057.7 MB2010/03/17
DownloadCardReaderAlcorAcer 3820T 3820TG Card Reader Driver1.0.12.506.7 MB2010/03/17
DownloadLanAtherosAcer 3820T 3820TG LAN Driver1. MB2010/03/17
DownloadModemliteonModem Driver2. MB2010/03/17
DownloadTouchPadALPSAcer 3820T 3820TG Touchpad Driver7.105.2015.11078.5 MB2010/03/17
DownloadTouchPadSynapticsTouchpad Driver14. MB2010/03/17
DownloadTurbo BoostIntelTurbo Boost Driver1.0.1.10022.8 MB2010/03/17
DownloadVGAATIAcer 3820T 3820TG VGA Driver8.692.1.0000192.1 MB2010/03/17
DownloadVGAIntelVGA Driver8.15.10.205739.5 MB2010/03/17
DownloadWireless LANAtherosAcer 3820T 3820TG Wireless LAN Driver8.0.0.27931.4 MB2010/03/17
DownloadWireless LANBroadcomWireless LAN Driver5.60.48.3520.5 MB2010/03/17
DownloadWireless LANIntelWireless LAN Driver13.0.0.107381.1 MB2010/03/18
Download3GEricsson3G Application6.1.12.324.6 MB2010/03/17
DownloadApplicationIntel(Manageability Engine) MB2010/03/18
DownloadCameraChiconyWebCam Application1.1.158.2033.5 MB2010/03/17
DownloadCameraliteonAcer 3820T 3820TG WebCam Application1. MB2010/03/17
DownloadCameraSuyinWebCam Application5. MB2010/03/17
DownloadePowerAcerePower Management Application5.02.300011.2 MB2010/03/18
DownloadLaunchManagerDritekLaunchManager Application4.0.56.2 MB2010/03/17

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