Acer TravelMate X514-51T Drivers, BIOS

Acer TravelMate X514-51T Drivers

Acer TravelMate X514-51T-57Q4

  • Windows 10 64 bit
  • Intel Core i5-8265U 1.6GHz-3.9GHz
  • 8GB of Onboard DDR4 Memory, 512GB M.2 PCIE NVMe Solid State Drive
  • 14″ IPS FHD
  • 720p HD HDR (High Dynamic Range) Camera
  • Intel Graphics 620
  • 3 years Parts & Labor, Onsite Warranty with 1 year International Traveler Warranty (ITW)

The Drivers support for Acer TravelMate X514-51T Laptop

Drivers update check time: 2019/10/19
Airplane Mode
Acer Airplane Mode Driver2019/01/ KB
Filename: Airplane Mode_Acer_1.0.0.2_W10x64.zipWindows 10 64-bitDownload
Realtek Audio Driver2019/01/ MB
Filename: Audio_Realtek_6.0.1.8589_W10x64.zipWindows 10 64-bitDownload
Audio Console
Realtek Audio Console Driver2019/01/ MB
Filename: Audio Console_Realtek_1.2.158.0_W10x64.zipWindows 10 64-bitDownload
Intel Bluetooth Driver2019/01/0720.70.0.4102.4 MB
Filename: Bluetooth_Intel_20.70.0.4_W10x64.zipWindows 10 64-bitDownload
Intel Chipset Driver2019/01/0710.1.17695.80864.7 MB
Filename: Chipset_Intel_10.1.17695.8086_W10x64.zipWindows 10 64-bitDownload
Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Driver2019/01/078.4.11000.64367.9 MB
Filename: DPTF_Intel_8.4.11000.6436_W10x64.zipWindows 10 64-bitDownload
EGISTEC Fingerprint Driver2019/01/ MB
Filename: Fingerprint_EGISTEC_3.5.3.16_W10x64.zipWindows 10 64-bitDownload
IO Drivers
Intel Serial IO Driver2019/01/0730.100.1727.12.5 MB
Filename: IO Drivers_Intel_30.100.1727.1_W10x64.zipWindows 10 64-bitDownload
Intel IRST (Intel® Rapid Storage Technology) Driver2019/01/0716.7.8.102412.1 MB
Filename: IRST_Intel_16.7.8.1024_W10x64v2.zipWindows 10 64-bitDownload
Intel ME (Management Engine)Driver2019/01/071828.12.0.115268.7 MB
Filename: MgmtEngine_Intel_1828.12.0.1152_W10x64.zipWindows 10 64-bitDownload
ELANTECH Touchpad Driver2019/09/2413.6.12.1110.4 KB
Filename: Touchpad_Elantech_13.6.12.1_W10x64Windows 10 64-bitDownload
Intel VGA Driver2019/03/2524.20.100.6346346.1 MB
Filename: VGA_Intel_24.20.100.6346_W10x64.zipWindows 10 64-bitDownload
VGA Utility
Intel VGA Utility2019/03/ MB
Filename: VGA Utility_Intel_2.4.0.0_W10x64.zipWindows 10 64-bitDownload
Wireless LAN
Intel Wireless LAN Driver2019/01/0720.70.0.5373.0 MB
Filename: Wireless LAN_Intel_20.70.0.5_W10x64.zipWindows 10 64-bitDownload
Safety Guide
Acer Safety Guide2017/12/111.01.0 MB
Filename: Acer Regulatory Information and Safety Guide_Acer_1.0_EN.pdfWindows 10 64-bitDownload
Shipping Document
Acer Battery MSDS UN383 CNAS COO for air transportation2019/01/071.0116.8 KB
Filename: Shipping Document_Acer_1.0_All.zipWindows 10 64-bitDownload
User Manual
Acer User Manual2019/01/302.05.2 MB
Filename: UM_Acer_2.0_EN.pdfWindows 10 64-bitDownload
Acer Optimizes settings in BIOS Setup Utility2019/10/141.126.9 MB
Filename: BIOS_Acer_1.12_WindowsWindows 10 64-bitDownload
Acer Updates MCU revision2019/07/261.106.9 MB
Filename: BIOS_Acer_1.10_WindowsWindows 10 64-bitDownload
Acer Fixes [save and shutdown] feature in BIOS Setup Utility2019/03/191.046.8 MB
Filename: BIOS_Acer_1.04_W10x64.zipWindows 10 64-bitDownload
Realtek USB-C Controller Firmware Update2019/08/202.75.6 MB
Filename: PDFW_Realtek_2.7_W10x64.zipWindows 10 64-bitDownload
Acer Control Center
Acer Acer Control Center2019/08/024.00.3006154.7 MB
Filename: Acer Control Center V4_Acer_4.00.3006_W10x64Windows 10 64-bitDownload
Quick Access
Acer Quick Access Application2019/10/073.00.300927.1 MB
Filename: QuickAccess_Acer_3.00.3009_W10x64Windows 10 64-bitDownload

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