Asus A54HY Windows 7 Drivers

Asus A54HY Windows 7 Drivers Download Now

 Download (349) BIOS BIOS 208
1.Update EC firmware.
2.Show serial number in main page of setup menu.
3.Fix Ctrl+Home has chance to fail to reflash BIOS function
4.Fix S3 will hang when installing OS & drivers via UEFI function.
5.Update CPU microcode.
6.Fix: System can’t enter into sleep state on UBUNTU OS.
7.Fix:If Ctrl+Home Recovey function failed, OS will blue screen when boot first time.
8.Add “Intel AES-NI” item in Advance selection of BIOS Setup Menu.
9.Fix OS will blue screen when install win8.
10.Fix OS will black screen When enter windows or Windows idle.
Download (344)  BIOS BIOS 207
Update EC firmware
Download (321)  BIOS BIOS 204
1.Modify Power Sequence setting
 Download (240) BIOS-Utilities Windows BIOS Flash Utility V2.31.02011/07/01 
 Download (253) Chipset Intel INF Update Driver  V9.2.0.10212011/04/01 
 Download (344)Video ATI Graphics Driver V8.850.0.00002011/08/03 
 Download (377) Audio Realtek Audio DriverV6.0.1.64102011/08/03 
 Download (240) LAN Athros LAN Driver V1.0.0.352011/07/28 
Download (212)  Card Reader Alcor Multi-Card Reader Driver V1.2.0117.084432011/08/01 
 Download (229) Touchpad Touchpad driver V8.0.5.12011/05/05 
 Download (268) Touchpad Touchpad driver V15.2.16.12011/04/11 
 Download (238) USB USB3.0 Driver V1.12.5.02011/08/01 
 Download (238) Wireless Wireless Lan Driver and Application V9.2.0.4192011/08/01 
 Download (244) BlueTooth Azurewave BlueTooth driver V7.4.0.402011/08/02 



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