Asus A54HY Windows 7 Drivers

Asus A54HY Windows 7 Drivers Download Now

  Vendor File Version Size
 Download (326)  BIOS  BIOS 208
1.Update EC firmware.
2.Show serial number in main page of setup menu.
3.Fix Ctrl+Home has chance to fail to reflash BIOS function
4.Fix S3 will hang when installing OS & drivers via UEFI function.
5.Update CPU microcode.
6.Fix: System can’t enter into sleep state on UBUNTU OS.
7.Fix:If Ctrl+Home Recovey function failed, OS will blue screen when boot first time.
8.Add “Intel AES-NI” item in Advance selection of BIOS Setup Menu.
9.Fix OS will blue screen when install win8.
10.Fix OS will black screen When enter windows or Windows idle.
 208 2011/12/27 
Download (324)   BIOS  BIOS 207
Update EC firmware
 207 2011/08/04 
Download (303)   BIOS  BIOS 204
1.Modify Power Sequence setting
 204 2011/08/04  
 Download (222)  BIOS-Utilities  Windows BIOS Flash Utility  V2.31.0 2011/07/01 
 Download (234)  Chipset  Intel INF Update Driver   V9.2.0.1021 2011/04/01 
 Download (326) Video  ATI Graphics Driver  V8.850.0.0000 2011/08/03 
 Download (355)  Audio  Realtek Audio Driver V6.0.1.6410 2011/08/03 
 Download (219)  LAN  Athros LAN Driver  V1.0.0.35 2011/07/28 
Download (194)   Card Reader  Alcor Multi-Card Reader Driver  V1.2.0117.08443 2011/08/01 
 Download (208)  Touchpad  Touchpad driver  V8.0.5.1 2011/05/05 
 Download (243)  Touchpad  Touchpad driver  V15.2.16.1 2011/04/11 
 Download (216)  USB  USB3.0 Driver  V1.12.5.0 2011/08/01 
 Download (217)  Wireless  Wireless Lan Driver and Application  V9.2.0.419 2011/08/01 
 Download (226)  BlueTooth  Azurewave BlueTooth driver  V7.4.0.40 2011/08/02 


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