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ASUS A6F (A6 Series) Notebook Windows XP Drivers

Windows XP Drivers for ASUS A6F (A6 Series) Notebook.
ASUS A6F (A6 Series) Notebook  Windows XP Drivers

  1. ASUS A6F (A6 Series) BIOS Version A6FAS.215 – support DVMT max size to 224M
  2. ASUS A6F (A6 Series) AFLASH2 Utility for DOS Version V2.12
  3. ASUS A6F (A6 Series) Universal Audio Architecture bus driver and Audio driver Version kb888111
  4. ASUS A6F (A6 Series) Audio Driver Version V5.10.0.5211 – Make sure to install the UAA driver before Audio installation
  5. ASUS A6F (A6 Series) Graphics Driver Version V6.14.10.4497
  6. ASUS A6F (A6 Series) Lan Driver Version V5.621.0304.2005
  7. ASUS A6F (A6 Series) Modem driver Version V6.11.06
  8. ASUS A6F (A6 Series) TOUCHPAD driver Version V8.2.0
  9. ASUS A6F (A6 Series) Wireless Lan Driver and Application Version V10.1.1.3
  10. ASUS A6F (A6 Series) D-Max CR Camera Driver Version V1.0.0.10 – This driver is for below PID code:, HW_ID_1 = USB\VID_05E1&PID_0501, HW_ID_2 = USB\VID_174F&PID_A821, HW_ID_3 = USB\VID_174F&PID_AA11, HW_ID_4 = USB\VID_174F&PID_A351, HW_ID_5 = USB\VID_174F&PID_A311, HW_ID_6 = USB\VID_174F&PID_6A31, HW_ID_7 = USB\VID_174F&PID_6A51
  11. ASUS A6F (A6 Series) ASUS ATK0100 UTILITY driver Version V1043.2.15.58

 ASUS A6F (A6 Series) Notebook Windows XP Utilities

  1. Hotkey Utility Version KB921411
  2. HOTFIX Utility Version KB918005
  3. HOTFIX Utility Version KB896256
  4. INTEL Inf Update Version V7.2.2.1007
  5. BlueTooth driver Version V4.00.30
  6. ASUS Video Security Version V3.0.1.8
  7. Bison CR Camera Driver Version V2.6.0.48 – This driver is for below PID code:USB\VID_0402&PID_5602
  8. ASUS Live Update Driver Version V2.3
  9. Windows BIOS Flash Utility Version V2.18
  10. RICOH card reader driver Version V2.15
  11. Wireless Console Utility Version V2.0.2
  12. Email LED Utility Version V1.4
  13. Power4 Gear Utility Version V1.16
  14. ASUS LiveUpdate User Guide for XP (English) Version V1.0
  15. ASUS Winflash user Guide for XP (English) Version V1.0
  16. ASUS NB probe user Guide for XP (English) Version v1.0

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