Asus A84SJ Windows 7(64bit) Drivers

Asus A84SJ Windows 7(64bit) Drivers Download Now

 Download BIOS BIOS 306
Add patch for S4 aging fail with ASMedia USB 3.0
 Download BIOS BIOS 219
1.Improve battery life.
Download BIOS BIOS 214
1.Update thermal policy
 214 2011/04/07
Download BIOS-Utilities Windows BIOS Flash Utility V2.31.02010/10/22
 Download Chipset Intel INF Update Driver V9.2.0.10152010/12/08
DownloadAudio Realtek Audio Driver V6.0.1.63732011/07/14
 Download AudioAudio Driver V6.0.1.63182011/03/16
 Download VGA nVidia Graphics Driver V8.17.12.68832011/07/12
Download VGA nVidia Graphics Driver V8.17.12.68132011/06/03
 Download VGA nVidia Graphics Driver V8.17.12.67212011/03/16
 Download LAN LAN Driver V7.38.113.20112011/03/16
 Download Card Reader Realtek Multi-Card Reader Driver V6.1.7600.100102011/06/07
 Download Card Reader Multi-Card Reader Driver V6.1.7600.100012011/01/19
 Download Touchpad Touchpad driver V8.0.5.32011/07/01
Download Touchpad Touchpad driver V8.0.5.0 2011/01/19
 Download Wireless Wireless Lan Driver and Application V14.1.1.32011/06/07
 Download Wireless Intel(R) WiFifamily WiFi Wireless LAN Driver V14.1.1.32011/06/02
 DownloadWireless Rainbow Wireless Lan Driver and Application V1.0.78.205352011/05/12
 DownloadWireless Rainbow Peak Wireless Lan Driver and Application V14.0.0.1132011/04/26
 DownloadWireless Wireless LAN Driver and Application V14.0.0.1132011/03/16
 DownloadWireless Azurewave NB037 Wireless Lan Driver and Application V9.0.0.2222011/03/15
 DownloadWireless Intel(R) WiFi Wireless LAN Driver V14.0.0.113 2011/01/19
 DownloadWireless WiMAX Wireless LAN Driver V5.30.1005.32010/07/16
 DownloadWireless WiMAX Wireless LAN Driver V5.30.1005.32010/07/16
 DownloadWireless Azurewave Wireless Lan Driver and Application
Wireless Lan Driver and Application (Please first install the Wireless Console Utility before this driver installation)
1. Please refer to below FAQ to check your Wireless””s PID code: This WLAN driver is for below PID code:





 DownloadBlueTooth Intel BlueTooth driver V1.1.0.01572011/06/02
 DownloadBlueTooth Intel BlueTooth driver V1.0.78.205352011/05/31
 DownloadBlueTooth Azurewave BlueTooth driver V7.2.0.652011/04/13
 DownloadBlueTooth Intel BlueTooth driver V1.0.67.204432011/01/19
 DownloadBlueTooth BlueTooth driver V6.2.5.5002009/12/30
DownloadCamera Azurewave Camera Driver V5.8.55133.2082011/01/11



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