Asus BX31A Windows 7(64bit) Drivers

Asus BX31A Windows 7(64bit) Drivers Download Now

  Vendor File Version Size
 Download  BIOS  BIOS 212
1.Update EC Firmware
2. Update Ivy bridge driver
 212 2012/09/06  update  
Download   BIOS  BIOS 206
Firmware change
 206 2012/07/05  update  
 Download  BIOS  BIOS 204
First release
 204 2012/06/01  update
Download   BIOS-Utilities  Windows BIOS Flash Utility    V2.41.1 2012/05/15  update  
Download   Chipset  Intel INF Update Driver  V9.3.0.1020 2012/03/02  update  
 Download Audio Realtek Audio Driver  V6.0.1.6668 2012/07/20  update  
 Download  VGA  Intel Graphics Driver  V8.15.10.2761 2012/07/18  update  
Download   VGA  Intel Graphics Driver  V8.15.10.2696.02 2012/05/23  update  
 Download  Card Reader  Realtek Multi-Card Reader Driver  V6.1.7600.10010 2011/06/07  update  
 Download  USB  Intel USB3.0 Driver   V1.0.5.235 2012/07/18  update  
 Download  Wireless  Intel WiFi Wireless LAN Driver V15.2.0.19   2012/07/20  update  
 Download   BlueTooth  Intel BlueTooth driver  V2.1.2.0206 2012/07/20  update  

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