Asus X501U Windows 7(64bit) Drivers

Asus X501U Windows 7(64bit) Drivers Download Now

Download (578)BIOSBIOS 310
1.Fixed the “bcdedit” too long to execute.
2.Fixed RSDP pointer disappear if CSM is enabled
3102012.10.30 update
Download (543)BIOSBIOS 309
1. Compatible with WinXP,Win7 and Win8
2.EC won’t send scan code even KB Filter is installed.
3. To set lowest value of _BCL to 0
4. Add a check condition.
3092012.09.06 update
Download (524)BIOSBIOS 303
1.Fix bug that system can’t enter into sleep state on UBUNTU OS
2.Fix bug that some function hot key can not work
3.Support 2013 ErP power saving
4.Fix DeepS3 aging can’t wakeup.
3032012.07.20 update
Download (518)BIOSBIOS 204
First release
2042012.05.18 update
Download (481)BIOS-UtilitiesWindows BIOS Flash Utility
If you want to upgrade your OS from Win 7 to Win 8,to prevent software compatibility issue, please uninstall the older version driver before install the newer version driver
V2.41.12012.10.17 update
Download (516)BIOS-UtilitiesWindows BIOS Flash UtilityV2.41.12012.05.15 update
Download (495)BIOS-UtilitiesWindows BIOS Flash UtilityV2.41.12012/04/27 update
 Download (346)ChipsetAMD Chipset Driver V8.930.13.60002012.05.23  update
Download (336) AudioATI HDMI Audio Driver V6.0.1.65192012.07.19  update
 Download (319)AudioRealtek Audio Driver V6.0.1.66222012.05.23  update
 Download (324)LANRealtek LAN Driver V7.049.0927.20112012.04.20  update
 Download (331)TouchpadASUS Smart Gesture (Touchpad Driver)  [Please update ATK Package V1.0.0020 or later in advance] V1.0.322012.09.24  update
 Download (304)TouchpadSynaptics Touchpad driver V16.2.1.52012.07.19  update
Download (315) WirelessAtheros Wireless Lan Driver and Application V9.2.0.5022012.07.19  update
 Download (304)WirelessAtheros Wireless Lan Driver and Application V9.2.0.4962012.05.23  update
Download (325) WirelessFoxconn Wireless Lan Driver and Application V3.02.13.00002012.05.23  update
 Download (333)BlueToothFoxconn BlueTooth driver V9.1.692.432012.06.21  update
 Download (331)BlueToothFoxconn BlueTooth driver V9.1.686.352012.05.16  update
 Download (315)BlueToothAtheros BlueTooth driver V7.4.0.1202012.05.14  update



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