Asus X53BY Windows 7(64bit) Drivers

Asus X53BY Windows 7(64bit) Drivers Download Now


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 Download (353)BIOSBIOS 223
Firmware Change
2232012.05.18  update
 Download (327)BIOSBIOS 221
Firmware change
2212012.04.18  update
 Download (331)BIOSBIOS 217
Optimize AC adapter
2172011.09.13  update
 Download (350)BIOS-UtilitiesWindows BIOS Flash UtilityV2.31.12011.01.05  update
 Download (321)BIOS-UtilitiesWindows BIOS Flash UtilityV2.31.12011.01.05  update
 Download (341)ChipsetAMD Chipset Driver V8.901.3.50002012.04.17  update
 Download (373)AudioRealtek Audio Driver V6.0.1.64822011.12.15  update
 Download (349)LANRealtek LAN Driver  V7.42.0304.20112011.05.04  update
Download (470) Card ReaderRealtek Multi-Card Reader Driver V6.1.7600.301272011.05.28  update
Download (369) TouchpadSentelic Touchpad driver V9.1.5.82011.10.11  update
 Download (331)TouchpadTouchpad driverV9.0.6.22011.06.01  update
 Download (349)TouchpadElantech Touchpad driver  V8.0.5.12011.03.18  update
 Download (481)WirelessAtheros Wireless Lan Driver and Application V9.2.0.4582011.12.02  update
 Download (312)WirelessWireless Lan Driver and Application V9.0.0.2232011.09.02  update
 Download (338)WirelessWireless Lan Driver and Application V8.0.0.3172011.09.02  update
 Download (453)BlueToothAzurewave BlueTooth driver V7.4.0.982011.12.02  update
 Download (394)BlueToothLiteon BlueTooth driver V7.2.0.652011.08.31  update