Asus X75VD Windows 7(64bit) Drivers

Asus X75VD Windows 7(64bit) Drivers Download Now

DownloadBIOSBIOS 409 (X75VD)
Improve memory margin
4092013.02.05 update
DownloadBIOSBIOS 406 (X75VD1)
Improve memory margin
4062013.02.04 update
DownloadBIOSBIOS 405 (X75VD1)
1.Hide “Secure Boot Mode” option when a system is configured for preloaded-Win8 case.
2.Update IvyBridge and SandyBridge GOP driver files.
3.Disable CSM when SecureBoot is enabled.
4052012.12.05 update
DownloadBIOS-UtilitiesWindows BIOS Flash UtilityV2.41.12012/10/17 update
DownloadBIOS-UtilitiesWindows BIOS Flash UtilityV2.41.02012.03.02 update
 DownloadChipsetIntel INF Update DriverV9.3.0.10202012.03.02  update
DownloadAudioVia Audio DriverV6.0.01.104002012.04.25  update
 DownloadVGAnVidia Graphics DriverV8.17.12.96972012.07.18  update
 DownloadVGAIntel Graphics DriverV8.15.10.26532012.03.21  update
 DownloadLANAthros LAN DriverV2.0.15.162012.06.20  update
 DownloadCard ReaderAlcor Multi-Card Reader DriverV1.2.0117.084432011.06.02  update
 DownloadTouchpadASUS Smart Gesture (Touchpad Driver)  [Please update ATK Package V1.0.0020 or later in advance]V1.0.322012.09.24  update
 DownloadTouchpadElantech Touchpad driverV10.5.10.02012.06.20  update
 DownloadUSBAsMedia USB3.0 DriverV1.14.4.02012.10.31 update
 DownloadUSBIntel USB3.0 DriverV1.0.3.2142012.03.23  update
DownloadWirelessLiteon Wireless Lan Driver and ApplicationV1005.31.1222.20112012.04.06  update
DownloadWirelessFoxconn Wireless Lan Driver and ApplicationV3.02.11.00002012.03.29  update
 DownloadWirelessAtheros Wireless Lan Driver and ApplicationV9.2.0.4802012.03.22  update
 DownloadBlueToothFoxconn BlueTooth driverV9.1.692.432012.06.21  update
 DownloadBlueToothFoxconn BlueTooth driverV9.1.692.422012.06.12  update
 DownloadBlueToothAtheros BlueTooth driverV7.4.0.1202012.05.14  update
 DownloadOthersIntel Management Engine InterfaceV8.1.0.12632012.08.13  update



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