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Dell QuickSet, v.7.2.13, A01

Dell Home Dell QuickSet, v.7.2.13, A01 7.2.13 ,A01
Applicable Models
Operating systems
Windows Vista, 64-bit
POWER: --------------- - Custom Power Management settings for additional battery life savings. - Battery resource information and health. - The application also warns user when unsupported power-adapter/dock/battery scenarios are detected. DISPLAY: ---------------- - Display brightness => Ambient Light Sensor: QuickSet provides an interface to customize Ambient Light Sensor settings for your computer. - Display switching via Fn+F8 NETWORK/CONNECTIVITY: ---------------------------- - Radio/Wireless activity control: => This is using the wireless switch (OR) the Fn+F2 hotkey depending on your system support. You can use QuickSet to configure the radios that the switch/hotkey would control. - Location Profiler: => Allows users to create profiles comprising of location dependent system settings. QuickSet associates Wired/WLAN/WWAN (on supported systems) connections with location profiles created and allows users to automatically/manually switch between these profiles. => Allows users to set priority between Wired/WLAN/WWAN (on supported systems) connections. Depending on user configuration, lower priority connections would be turned off to save power and optimize system performance. - Internal network card activity (depending on your system) => The Internal Network Card will be deactivated when user goes to battery mode and the network cable is unplugged. Inorder to activate it, reinsert AC power source. - Wi-Fi Catcher(TM) Network Locator Configuration: => QuickSet provides the interface to configure Wi-Fi bands or specific networks that the Wi-Fi Catcher should scan for. OTHER/SYSTEM SETTINGS: ---------------------------- - Volume status - Hotkey hibernate - MediaDirect (on certain systems) XPS ------------------------------ - LED color control and Touchpad LED control (depending on your system) - Advanced power schemes
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Filename: R147697.EXE Importance: Optional Version: 7.2.13 ,A01 Last Updated: 06 Feb 2007
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