DELL Inspiron 1564 Windows 7 Drivers

Another progressive change occuring at the very zenith of the UK notebook market is the fact that more and more laptops are being introduced with all sorts of newly introduced processors. Intel had introduced its Core i3-330M processor in 2010 in an attempt to safeguard its strong hold in the market. Outstanding performance on the processing area is coupled with Intel Core i3-330M processor and a massive 4GB DDR3 RAM which is hard to match for Dell’s rival brands. Another impressive highlight is the Hyper-Threading technology which delivers an improved performance whilst dealing with multithreaded softwares and resource intensive applications. This machine also benefits from the superior features introduced by Microsoft in Windows 7.

DELL Inspiron 1564 Windows Vista Drivers Download Now


DELL Inspiron 1564 Audio Driver:

DELL Inspiron 1564 Chipset Drivers:

DELL Inspiron 1564 Input Device Drivers:

DELL Inspiron 1564 network Drivers:

DELL Inspiron 1564 Video Drivers:


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