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DELL Inspiron 1764 Windows 7 Drivers

As more and more the case today, the Inspiron 1764 is equipped with Intel Core range of new ix. In this case, it is a Core i5-430M, a dual-core processor as the default 2.26 GHz, but may be “turbo clocked at 2.53 GHz when the need arises. This is actually the mid-range option on the 1764 since you can get a Core i3-330M, if you’re willing to sacrifice raw performance to save money, or a slightly faster Core i5 . In our test system the CPU is supported by 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, Intel GMA HD graphics and a 320GB hard drive.

DELL Inspiron 1764 Windows 7 Drivers Download Now


DELL Inspiron 1764 Audio Driver:

  • [download id=”284″] Driver For DELL Inspiron 1764(, A09)

DELL Inspiron 1764 Chipset Drivers:

DELL Inspiron 1764 Input Device Drivers:

DELL Inspiron 1764 network Drivers:

DELL Inspiron 1764 Video Drivers:

  • [download id=”288″] For DELL Inspiron 1764(8.692.1.0000, A18)
  • Dell Digital TV Receiver ATSC-01 For DELL Inspiron 1764(1.88.27090.1, A01)
  • [download id=”289″] For DELL Inspiron 1764(, A07)



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