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DELL XPS 12 9Q23 Windows 8(64bit) Drivers

DELL XPS 12 9Q23 Windows 8(64bit) Drivers Download Now

  Vendor File Version Size
[download id=”7023″] Application Dell Dell Quick Set 10.15.011, A02 11/2/2012
[download id=”7024″] Application Dell Dell Digital Delivery 2.2 10/24/2012
[download id=”7025″] Audio Dell Realtek Audio ALC3260, A00 11/12/2012
[download id=”7026″]
Dell Dell XPS 9Q23 System BIOS A01 10/29/2012
[download id=”7027″] Chipset Dell Intel Panther Point QS77 Chipset, A00 10/25/2012
[download id=”7028″] Chipset Dell Intel Management Engine Interface, A00 10/24/2012
[download id=”7029″] Chipset Dell Intel Dynamic Platform & Thermal Framwork, A00 10/29/2012
[download id=”7030″] Input Dell Cypress Trackpad, A01 10/24/2012
[download id=”7031″] Network Dell Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235, A01/X10 10/30/2012
[download id=”7032″] Network Dell Intel Smart Connect Technology, A01 10/30/2012
[download id=”7033″] Network Dell Intel WiDi, A00 10/25/2012
[download id=”7034″] Network Dell Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 Bluetooth 4.0 + High Speed, A00 10/25/2012
[download id=”7035″] System Utilities Dell Intel Rapid Start Technology, A00 10/29/2012
[download id=”7036″] Video Dell Intel HD Graphics 4000, A01 11/2/2012

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