Fujitsu LifeBook L1010 Windows 7 Drivers

Fujitsu LifeBook L1010 Windows 7 Drivers Download Now

Driver Name Readme file Version Size(bytes)
Audio v6.0.1.5911 39,207,424
Bluetooth (For model with Bluetooth) v5.0.11 16,025,600
Finger Print (For model with Finger Print Sensor) v8.5.1.28 10,756,608
FUJ02B1 v1.23 44,544
FUJ02E3 v1.20 44,544
GABI v1.0.0.2 43,520
LAN v11.10.5.3 261,632
Media Slot v3.00.0006 5,422,592
Modem (For model with Modem) v2.2.96 955,904
Mouse v13.2.6.1 13,016,064
SATA v8.9.2.1002 229,888
Intel Video (For model with Intel Video) v8.15.10.1883 25,228,288
Nvidia Video (For model with Nvidia Video) v8.15.11.8642 80,070,656
WebCam (For model with Bison WebCam) v6.96.2017.01.1 7,745,536
WebCam (For model with Sonix WebCAM) v5.8.53000.200 6,922,240
Atheros Wireless LAN (For model with Atheros wireless) v8.0.0.171 31,944,192
Intel Wireless LAN (For model with Intel wireless) v12.4.1.53 2,239,488
Tools and Utility
Application Panel v8.0.0 6,083,072
Display Manager v7.00.20.201 10,130,432
Hotkey Utility v3.60.0 3,720,192
Mobility Center Extension v3.00.01.000 4,223,488
Power Saving Utility v31.00.11.006 11,972,096
System Extension Utility v3.1.0 3,674,112
UpdateNavi ReadMe v1.3L11 2,432,000
OmniPass Update (For model with Finger Print Sensor. Please update OmniPass before upgrade to Windows 7) v7.00.02 26,548,736
BIOS (For model with Intel Video) v1.12 2,369,495
BIOS (For model with Nvidia Video) v1.08 2,369,495

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