Net Profile Switch 5.6

When you have multiple networks,how do you Switch your laptop?
Net Profile Switch help you!

Net Profile Switch
Net Profile Switch

Switch your laptop between multiple networks. Assuming a DHCP-enabled network at your office and a static IP-address assigned to your network card at home, every time you connect your computer to a new network you have to change settings for network-card, browser proxy and Windows firewall manually. With this utility you can store two profiles (Office and Home) and switch from one to the other in seconds. Trial is fully functional.

A network profile includes:

Network settings (IP address, DNS, gateway)
Web browser proxy settings (supports IE, Firefox and Opera)
Network drive mappings
Default printer
SMTP-server for email software
and many more

Net Profile Switch works with Windows Vista and Windows 7, does not require administrative permissions and is fully compatible with UAC (User Account Control).

Changes in version 5.6:
Improved performance, Improved installer, IE8 compatibility


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