How to install audio (sound) driver

These methods are also suitable for installation of other drivers.

1.Click “Start” and “Control Panel.” Then double-click “Administrative Tools” and “Computer Management.” Choose “Device Manager” in the field on the left-hand side of the screen.Look for “Sound, video and game controllers.” Click the plus sign (+) next to that field. This will expand a list of devices under sound, video and game controllers, which will include your sound card.If you see a “?”, it means Missing sound card driver. If there is no “?”, Shows that the sound card driver is not working, right-click the sound card, choose “Uninstall” to remove it.

2. How do I know the sound card model
Do not know the sound card model, started to see “Sound, video and game controllers” under a string of characters and numbers that is your sound card also Can open the “Start”-“Run ” – enter dxdiag, open the “DirectX Diagnostic Tool”- voice, looking from the open interface. Also, if you can not find, under normal circumstances, this line can not move EVEREST.

3.CD-ROM installation
Put the sound card’s driver CD into the drive, right-click “Sound, video and game controllers” under “?” option, choose “Update Driver” to open the “Hardware Update Wizard”, select “Yes”, only this time. “next “—” Install the software automatically”-“Next”, the system automatically search and install the sound card CD-ROM driver, if the disc is not for your sound card, try to use another sound card driver, Until completed.

4.Download the driver to install (The CD has been lost)
(1)Many sites can download sound card driver. Easy way, enter your card type to “search ” text box, press the “Search “button, from the open interface, select the driver you want to download .
(2)Note:First, the right brand models, the second is what the system will be used,the third is to look at the time of the driver software is released, the latest may not be suitable for use, you can download some.
(3)Download the audio driver software is often installed automatically functions, opens, click on automatically install.Not automatically installed, extract the reserve, to write down the software on the disk in the specific path, such as E: \ … … \ … …. right-click “Sound, video and game controllers” under “?” option, choose “Update Driver” to open the “Hardware Update Wizard”, remove the “Search removable media” before the hook, check the “Install from a list or specific location “—” Next ” hook Select “Include this location in search” box, fill in the following list to pull the sound card driver to use the path of the folder (E: \ … … \ … … — “Next “, the system will automatically search for and install your Specified location in the sound card driver. This move is very useful, in the intel 82801EB ICH5 ac97 sound card driver installation, have a tangible expression to solve tg problem.

5. If the sound card still does not work, try the sound card for a slot.

6.”Hardware Device Manager”- right-click “sound”-“Properties “-“resources ” to see if a hardware conflict, enter the BIOS by setting the solution.

7.Some software can be used to install the driver.

8.The last method is the jumpers on the motherboard. This method is not suitable for us to do.


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