Lenovo ThinkPad T42, T42p Windows XP & Vista Drivers

  • 1.8Ghz Pentium M/2MB L2 Cache/400Mhz FSB
  • Windows XP Pro
  • 1.5GB DDR PC2700 Memory
  • 60GB Hitachi 7200RPM Hard Drive
  • 15″ SXGA+ FlexView Screen
  • Hitachi-LG CDRW/DVD Combo Drive/External NEC ND-6500A DVD Burner
  • Nine Cell Lithium-Ion Battery/ Modular Bay Battery
  • 64MB ATI Radeon 9600
  • Intel 2200BG Wireless/Bluetooth/56k Modem
  • 2 USB 2.0/2 PCMCIA Slots/Parallel Port/Serial Port//VGA Out/PS2 Port
  • Headphone Jack/Line-Out/Volume & Mute Buttons
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • ThinkLight
  • Three year warranty until April of 2008
  • 6.2lbs./Width 13″/Depth 10.6″/Height 1.3″
  • Lenovo ThinkPad T42, T42p Windows XP Drivers

    Lenovo ThinkPad T42, T42p Windows Vista Drivers


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