Lenovo IdeaPad Y530 Camera Windows Drivers

Driver Name : Lenovo Easy Camera Driver

Family : IdeaPad Y530

File Size : 12.5M

Driver Version :

File Format :  exe

Release Date :  2008-09-11

Applicable OS :  Windows XP ,Windows 7

Manufacturer : Lenovo

Camera DriverBison,Chicony6.32.1703.3/ MBWindows 7 32bit
Lenovo Easy Camera DriverLenovo12.0.0.499742008-12-0318.3MBWindows Vista 32bit
Lenovo Easy Camera DriverLenovo12.0.0.499742008-11-1218.17MWindows Vista 64bit
Lenovo Easy Camera DriverLenovo1.0.0.12008-09-1112.5MWindows XP
Lenovo EasyCameraLenovo12.0.0.588552010-04-286.50 MBWindows 7 64bit

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