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NEC Versa 2400 Modem Drivers

NEC Versa 2400 Modem Drivers

File Name: 3cxm556b.exe
Posted: Feb 1, 1999
Operating Systems: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 3.51, Windows NT 4
Description: 3Com Megahertz Telephony 3CXM556B Modem PC Card

File Name: L6510PRG.EXE
Version: 1.00
Posted: Oct 21, 1997
Operating Systems: DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95
Description: Versa 2400 Series PREG_ON Utility for use with USRobotics Modems.

Tech Notes
Either add this to the autoexec.bat or create an icon on the desktop to the preg on utility. This must be run if the card is removed and inserted or if a cold boot has been performed.

File Name: L6220PRG.EXE
Posted: Oct 20, 1997
Operating System: Windows 95
Description: Versa 6000/2400 Series Preg_On Utility. For use installing USRobotics Modems on the 2400 or 6000 se

Tech Notes
Install in the autoexec.bat and place a shortcut on the desktop. Needs to run on each boot and if modem is removed and inserted it must be run again.


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