NEC Versa E Bios Update

NEC Versa E Bios Update

Versa E BIOS Upgrade

File Name: L44XKB3.EXE
Version: 1.01.11
Posted: Oct 28, 1997
Operating System: DOS, Windows 3.x
Description: Versa E BIOS Upgrade

Tech Notes
BUGS FIXED: The following unofficial problem reports from I&T’s testing of the WD 722 VGA BIOS : BOOTING: 1. System boots in CRT only mode with external CRT attached. 2. System boots in CRT only mode with no external CRT attached in docking station. 3. System boots with text very dim or dithered. Seems to happen on all CPU speeds and all I/O board revs. SCREEN EXPANDED: 5. Mode 3: DOS Edit is expanded to 640 x 480 from 640 x 400 lines. Monochrome: 6. Video is shifted and then corrupted with Fn-F3 with Mono LCD. Fn-F3 with Mono LCD until video is lost. Press a key to resume video. Video is shifted and corrupted. WINDOWS: 9. Cursor turns black after opening and windowing DOS box with 640x480x16 driver. 11. System sometimes boots with Windows splash screen corrupted. 1024×768 driver: 15. Fn-F3 with DOS box causes corruption. Load 1024×768 driver. Go to DOS prompt. Fn-F3 to simultaneous or LCD only. Window the DOS box and Windows is corrupted. Sometimes a black bar is seen. Power Management: 17. Save to Disk screen is corrupted on LCD in LCD only mode. 18. Save to Disk screen is corrupted on LCD & CRT in simultaneous mode. CRT only mode is OK. PPR 940301LS1011 – No video or out of sync on CRT if press panel SW w/ 6x4x256 large/small drivers with mono LCD PPR 940211LS1002 – mouse is lost after suspend resume on CRT only mode in windows, left & right buttons work: cursor is gone PPR 940120LS1005 – colors wrong with new i/o board and mono panel with 640x480x16 and 640x480x256 16 color no longer a mono driver still broken on 256 color YAT IMI PPR 940118LS1001 – 800x600x16 & 800x600x256 bWD video drivers leave a black bar after suspend with new I/O board still broken in 1.01.04 YAT (also on A2RevC ater STD) IMI PPR 931124LS1003 – all video modes have problems except for 11h and 12h still broken in 1.01.04 ALL IMI PPR 931123LS1002 – Win mono LCD pallette corruption after pressing panel switch; 640x480x16 still broken in 1.01.04 ALL IMI also on color panel PPR 931112LS1001 – video corruption in windows with v 1.01.01 AWD drivers, still unresolved with bios 1.01.04 and 1.01.07 AWD ALL IMI PPR 931108LS1017 – No video on CRT after resume from RAM/STD while following drv.loaded. still broken in 1.01.04 ALL IMI PPR 931027LS1006 – Missing 1 pixcel spc between chars after loading CRT vid drv on LCD mode. still broken in 1.01.04 ALL IMI PPR 931026LS1019 – With WD 1024×768 Win.Vid.Drvr, image on CRT is shifted to right after resume. SYSTEM BIOS NECTECH/PTL V 1.01.09 VIDEO BIOS WD V 722 BUGS FIXED: No PPR – The close/open switch does not work if there is no CRT connected. No PPR – P51S Color the wrong Dithering Mode was selected. PPR 940414LS1001 – Panel switch does not work if you have no monitor at boot. SYSTEM BIOS NECTECH/PTL V 1.01.10 VIDEO BIOS NECTECH/WD V 1.01.10 FEATURES ADDED: – NEC now wants the embedded numeric keypad to be enabled by NumLock when an external keypad/keyboard is present. This modification will allow the NumLock state to toggle on the external keypad without enabling the embedded keypad. BUGS FIXED: PPR 940331LS1001 – When NumLock LED was On (on external keyboard) and the system suspended, upon resuming, the internal NumLock LED would be On and would not toggle Off when the NumLock key was pressed. PPR 940428LS1001 – Panel switch problem, failed to turn backlight off. Fixed only with Comp F+ board. PPR 940428LS1002 – Panel switch problem, failed to turn backlight on when PM under AC was DISABLED and AC was applied/removed.


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