AMD has announced that it is ramping up production GPU production

AMD has announced that it is ramping up production GPU production to meet the increased demand for GPUs. CEO and president of AMD, Dr. Lisa Su, used an investor call to make the announcement. It is good news for gamers and miners alike, who have seen the prices for GPU cards spike dramatically in the face of unprecedented demand, caused in part due to the rise of cryptocurrency mining.

AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su – 30-1-2018 – AMD Q4 2017 Earnings Call

“The GPU channel is lower than we would like it to be. So, we are ramping up production. At this point we’re not limited by Silicon per se, so our foundry partners are supplying us. There are shortages in memory and I think that is true across the board whether you’re talking about GDDR5 or talking about High Bandwidth Memory [HBM]. We continue to work through that with our memory partners and that will be certainly one of the key factors going into 2018.”

While the cryptocurrency mining market has helped to lead to the shortage through the creation of a new market segment, overall demand for GPUs has also increased.

It’s not yet clear whether DRAM shortages will drag on this year, hopefully we will get a clearer indication of whether these shortages will subside in the coming months. But as things stand today, we’re seeing GPU supply in the channel pick up and prices beginning to normalize. Both good signs for PC gamers looking to buy a new GPU.



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