Google Fuchsia OS Works on the Pixelbook!

Google is not satisfied with Chrome OS and Android. The tech giant is developing a third operating system: Fuchsia OS.

Now, Fuchsia OS have can run in Pixelbook, Acer Switch Alpha 12, Intel NUC PC from 2015. 

Last year’s Fuchsia OS was in a quite sketchy state, but now it looks like we’re getting closer to the real thing. Sadly, there are still a lot of things to be done. The web browser is not able to load full pages yet, the music app is not functional, but Fuchsia OS can be explored in three modes: smartphone, tablet, and laptop. The main highlight of the latest build is the multitasking UI that features quite a few split-screen modes, but the Quick Settings shade is also a noticeable improvement over the placeholder that surfaced last spring.


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