Intel bring 5G to laptops by 2019

Intel is partnering with Lenovo, Dell and HP to bring 5G to laptops by 2019. 5G technology seems to be approaching quicker than many initially thought. The CPU maker intends to speed up things, pushing the 5G adoption to 2019, at least for the US and China zones. AT&T also announced that a true 5G network would be implemented in the cities of Dallas, Waco and Atlanta by the end of 2018.

This move will open up the possibility of full 5G network compatibility in consumer machines. Naturally, 5G technology in consumer laptops could lead to a pretty significant network speed increase for the average user. Faster online gaming connectivity and quicker media streaming speeds are just a couple of the benefits consumers may soon reap.

Phones will, naturally, lead the way for commercially available 5G products. And Intel will be the first to admit that it missed the boat on mobile with regard to the 4G explosion. In our conversation, Renduchintala repeatedly refers to the company as an “underdog.” It’s still a little jarring when referring to a company that pulled in $62 billion in 2017, but it’s not entirely inappropriate when discussing the race to 5G.

Intel’s 5G push will also be extending to the Chinese mobile market. “To expand our entry into the China phone ecosystem, Intel and Unigroup Spreadtrum and RDA have established a multi-year collaboration to develop a portfolio of 5G products for mobile platforms, combining Intel 5G modems with Spreadtrum application processor technology,” the company said in a blog post.



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