Samsung 860 Pro SSD BENCHMARKS


Crystaldisk Mark (Sequential) Read:562.9 MB/s; Write: 532.7 MB/s
Crystaldisk Mark (Random) Read:353.5 MB/s; Write: 345.2 MB/s
ATTO Benchmark (Sequential) Read: 564.5 MB/s; Write: 535.5 MB/s

Compared to the last generation 850 Pro, the 860 Pro SSD isn’t exponentially faster. Rather, after all testing(Source:, we only found a negligible 1 to 2 MB/s speed increase.

That said, the Samsung 860 Pro offers the fastest data transfer speeds we’ve seen from any SATA SSDs. Meanwhile, the new MJX controller and all the other underlying improvements help it stand out from its rivals.



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