Samsung patented full screen laptop


Thetrend of narrow screen edges, which we have seen for some time with smartphonesand TVs , seems to continue to the portable computer. Samsung has patented a new laptop design with a full screen display.

Samsung laptop with full-screen display

The Samsung Electronics patent was published on 23 January 2018 by WIPO (World International Property Organization). It is a ornamental design patent and not a utility patent. This means that the patent is limited to the design of the Samsung laptop, no functionalities are described.

An extensive description is therefore missing with this patent. However, some clear sketches are included as well as a reference to a previously filed American patent. At the USPTO, Samsung filed a similar patent in 2013, which was approved in March 2015 by the USPTO. Here are the same sketches attached, here also lacks a clear description.

Samsung ultra-thin notebook with bezel-less screen

The patented design is very similar to the ultra-thin notebook series from Samsung. We see a wafer-thin laptop with a hinge that has not been used before, which is placed across the entire width of the laptop. What is particularly striking is the laptop screen. It is a full-screen display, with very narrow screen edges.

Remarkably, the camera can not be found in the bezel-less design. This is normally integrated in the upper screen edge. Now that the display goes through completely, the question is whether it will appear completely, or if Samsung wants to integrate it into the screen.

Earlier we already came across a patent for a Samsung smartphone with so-called holes (recesses) in the display, to make way for the sensors and the camera. Because a further patent description is missing, it remains unknown whether Samsung wants to use this technology for its portable computer.


Samsung patenteert full screen laptop


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