Some Google Pixel 2/XL running warm after February security patch

Since Google’s February security update earlier this month, users on Reddit and Google’s Pixel User Community have been reporting issues with their phones. Owners of both the 5-inch and 5-5-inch flagship Google handsets are reporting that their phones are running warm and that they are also noticing dramatic decreases in battery life.

The reports on this vary from person to person, but the general consensus is that the phone is running much warmer than it should be. In other cases, the phone heats up when being used even for simple tasks like checking email or social media.

Reports on Reddit and Google’s community mirror this as well. However, these issues vary greatly between users. Some report one problem and not the other, or both at differing levels.

While it’s unclear exactly what the cause of this is, the common thread running through all of these reports seems to be February’s security update. Users running in safe mode are still reporting some of these issues, so we can probably rule out any apps. Hopefully, this is something Google can fix in March’s patch.

Although receiving very positive reviews on release, users have complained about a litany of issues affecting either the Pixel 2 or the Pixel 2 XL, and sometimes both, as in this instance. Issues raised include earlier than expected screen burn in, poor color saturation, off-angle blue tint, clicking sounds from the speakers and other software bugs. Google responded to the initial wave of concerns by extending warranties from one year to two years.


Some Google Pixel 2/XL owners reporting poor battery life and phones running warm after February security patch


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