How to Install and use Windows XP Mode feature available in Windows 7

First of all, this is actually a Virtual Hard Disk operated by Windows Virtual PC. The reason for having this feature is to allow programs to run that may have difficulties running in Win 7.

Next, go to this site and read up on a neat feature available to Windows 7 users. Keep in mind that it’s only available for those running Win 7 Pro or Ultimate.
Linky here

It’s extremely easy to set up, as long as you have the hardware to support it. Hardware compatibility linky Sometimes even in my case, you may have the necessary hardware, but it won’t install. Make sure you have your Virtualization turned on in your BIOS settings first. Even that did not solve my problem of not having it install correctly- I had to perform a BIOS update in order to get it to work.

A cool feature of this is that it automatically sets up shared drives of your Windows 7 main operating system. Picture #’s 5 and 6. Also, I was able to use my wireless connection without configuring and it even has sound driver compatibility, as well as updates. I was able to have a MSN session with Djembe, without a hitch.

In short, this is a very neat feature to have if you need to run programs that are only for XP, as long as you get the Pro or Ultimate verions of Windows 7.

Forgot to add that this was loaded on a Dell Studio XPS 16, the spec’s of which are found in my signature, and as for the BIOS version mine shipped w/ A08 and the current version is A10.


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