Lenovo G550 Notebook Review

Lenovo G550 was easy handling most tasks without any problems. It is one laptop from Lenovo that awesome works as a desktop replacement laptop. With very solid and durable design this laptop has, G550 becomes perfect use for small businesses, college students, or home users who looking for a standard machine. Surfing on internet, playing SD or HD movies, or playing the occasional 2D game like Peggle.

However, Lenovo G550 notebook decreases their good point by removed one USB port, took down the ExpressCard slot, and moved to an ALPS touchpad. They are probably wants to cost-cutting measures, but it can be worst because those features are standard on the previous revision.


– Durable and good stand on
– Textured interior and exterior finish hides smudges and fingerprints
– Comfortable and solid keyboard


– Don’t have some features from previous revision


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