Dell XPS 15 Reviews

In the recent, Dell XPS 15 (XPS15D-3828) is Especially shining.with a unique design, size and performance.It’s designed for business office. The operating system is the latest win8 64bit and the motherboard chipset is Intel HM77.So it is the latest and owns the tip technology .

Tip graphics, fresh and new features of 3D, bring you a hitherto unknown audio and video entertainment and enjoyment, The new generation of tip NVIDIA high performance graphics brings you personal feeling on the scene multimedia experience.

It weighs 2.6kg and the shell is silver composite material. The shape is very thin, but with a new third generation of the Intel core processor, Windows8, and the highest 16 GB of memory, can provide XPS series consistent speed and performance.It has an independent video card and the video card is NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M. The memory of up to 2 GB, to bring you the visual experience as the acme of perfection.

The highest standard Windows laptop screen resolution is 1,920×1,080 pixels, the same as an HDTV. That previous high-water mark has been fine in my experience, but even that can make text and images look small on a 15.6-inch laptop. Don’t be shocked to see Retina screens filter down to less expensive models at some point in the not-too-distant future. We’re not there yet, but this is a big step in that xps 15 review

Touch panel has supported gestures with integrated button.People can operate conveniently and give a person with unique feelings.As for interfaces,it offers three date interface(3 × USB3.0 (one of the powered power supply USB shared interface)),one Video interface(HDMI, mini DisplayPort),one audio interface headphone output interface(a microphone input interface),other interface(RJ45 (network interface), a power interface),and 3 in 1 card reader.

The battery belongs to the type of 9 core lithium battery,which can has a power of 6500mA. The life time is 2-3 hours, specific time depending on environment.

The core type is Ivy Bridge.The characteristic is that it has four cores and eight ways.CPU frequency is 2.2GHz and the highest wisdom frequency is 3200MHz. The wireless network card supports 802.11b/g/n wireless protocol and the wire network card supports 1000Mbps Ethernet adapter.And it supports bluetooth 4 module.

Comparing the large capacity hard disk and traditional hard disk, the former ‘s starting speed is almost 33% faster than the latter. An optional solid state disk and Intel quick start technology makes it all possible.


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