Dell XPS XPS14-3636sLV reviews

The Dell XPS 14-3636sLV is designed to deliver exceptionally long battery life, comes with powerful Intel® Core™ processors in an ultrathin form and is supported by America’s Best Protection.

It’s a design that goes beyond beauty. Your XPS 14 Ultrabook is less than 1 inch (20.7mm) thin, built for maximum portability. Machined aluminum, bonded Corning® Gorilla® Glass and a silicone base are designed to bring you an experience that’s premium in every way.With up to 11 hours of battery life and a backlit keyboard, the ultra-thin XPS 14 Ultrabook is built to keep pace with your busy life.

Why wait? The XPS 14 Ultrabook™ boots up to 33 percent faster than a regular hard drive and resumes in less than 2 seconds. A solid-state drive and Intel® Rapid Start Technology make it possible. Inspired by Intel.With performance-class graphics and a 14″ HD (high-definition) + (900p) display with 400-nit brightness, the XPS 14 Ultrabook delivers a viewing experience you’ll have to see to believe.With new Intel® Core™ processors, Windows® 8 and 8GB of memory, the XPS 14 Ultrabook delivers the speed and performance you’ve come to expect from the XPS family.

I searched a lot of sites and reviews before finally deciding on getting the XPS 14 and I was not disappointed.It is solid, fast and with Windows 8, it is even more fast and presents an enjoyable experience. It is also very solid and stable and you can see the materials used are top quality. It is really good.The battery life is around 7 – 9 hours of regular use and it boots and shuts down in 7-10 seconds. Really quick. This can be due to to SSD portion of the drive and also Windows 8.And it is heavier than the average ultrabook but hey, it is loaded with heavy materials and content.Dell confirmed they had fixed the wifi issue but I still experience some disconnections to the wifi once in a while. Not really good though.
It can also get a little hot sometimes.

On the whole, I think it is one of the best notebooks I have used yet. It is fast, solid, intuitive, and almost perfect and I wil recommend it to everyone if you can ignore the minor flaws.It is a good buy for me ad I think it is a real competitor to the MacBook Pro (but not in display).



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