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Net Profile Switch 5.6

When you have multiple networks,how do you Switch your laptop?
Net Profile Switch help you!

Net Profile Switch
Net Profile Switch

Switch your laptop between multiple networks. Assuming a DHCP-enabled network at your office and a static IP-address assigned to your network card at home, every time you connect your computer to a new network you have to change settings for network-card, browser proxy and Windows firewall manually. With this utility you can store two profiles (Office and Home) and switch from one to the other in seconds. Trial is fully functional. Read All

Nimbuzz Mobile Download 2


Nimbuzz Mobile can work on Acer N10/N30/N35/N50.

Nimbuzz Mobile is Completely free,it is the best free mobile messenger. You can Contact your friend at Hyves, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, ICQ, Gadu-Gadu, MSN/ Windows Live Messenger Google Talk, and more. lets you call, chat, message, and send files on the go.

One login, one contact list, all accounts. Read All

Google Maps for mobile featuring Latitude Free download

Google Maps for mobile featuring Latitude for Acer N10/N30/N35/N50
Google Maps for mobile featuring Latitude is free!

Google Maps for mobile featuring Latitude
Google Maps for mobile featuring Latitude

The official mapping application from Google

Your phone have not the Google Maps for mobile featuring Latitude ? Download it now, you can never bring a paper map.,Using the Google Maps for mobile featuring Latitude, you will find the world is so small, you can go anywhere but not lose your way. you can see your friends’ locations and status messages.

Google Maps for mobile works on most Windows Mobile, Symbian S60, Java-enabled phones, and BlackBerry. It also works on Acer N10/N30/N35/N50.


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Easy2Sync for Outlook 3.01 Download

Easy2Sync for Outlook
Easy2Sync for Outlook

You have the same e-mails on your laptop and PC? Easy2Sync for Outlook can help you!
Easy2Sync for Outlook can sync your computers’ Outlook and copy any new or changed e-mails, calendar items, contact, tasks or notes to the other computers to make sure they all have the latest Outlook data. It doesn’t matter if you use PST files or profiles. An automatic synchronization is also possible when starting or ending windows or time-based. Even NT services are supported. Read All

Battery Monitoring For Laptop 1.12 Download

Battery Monitoring
Battery Monitoring

Laptop battery monitoring. Alert if battery is low. Battery monitoring will show the battery status of remaining. Now you can be sure your UPS power batteries will work to support vital applications, systems and networks during the many everyday power disturbances and outright power failures that each business is almost certain to experience.

You are free to download it. Read All

Download Know where your laptop

Know where your mobile computer is all the time!How much did you pay for your laptop? Do you want it back if it is stolen?

No other tracking software is as simple and proven.

Using! is a software utility that will monitor a computer’s IP address to allow server administrators and general users to locate their computer. When a computer that has is turned on, the IP address of the computer will be transmitted to a pre-determined location via email and logged for reference. This information is also transmitted to our servers and logged in the event your computer is ever stolen.
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Laptop Alarm 2.0beta protect your laptop

laptop alarm
laptop alarm

when you want to go toilet, did you ever hesitate to leave your laptop for a few minutes in a public space like a library,a public classroom? Afraid that someone maybe take your laptop?
Now there is a simple and free solution to this problem! Laptop Alarm will help you, it ring a loud alarm if someone will try to steal your laptop! When the laptop is disconnected from AC-power (someone pulls the AC adapter plug out) or someone removes the USB mouse the alarm will go off! Read All

laptop test software,test your laptop

How to test your laptop?
When it is new.

It is easy, Lenovo notebook screensavers is the testing process,you can ask seller.

When it is used and cheap,we need be carefully.There are 9 Small softwares for you to test the laptop. Of course you can test new laptop with it.
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