Samsung NC10-13GB Netbook Win XP, Win 7 Drivers

Samsung NC10-13GB come with  Intel Atom N270,  Weighing just 2.8 pounds, the NC10 will keep you online and up to speed. The 160GB hard drive gives you plenty of room to store your favorite music, photos, videos and movies, and they’ll be big and bright on the Samsung industry-leading 10.1″ wide LED-backlit display. Battery Life can up to 6 hours. Here, you can download Samsung NC10-13GB Netbook Win XP, Win 7 Drivers.


Samsung NC10-13GB VGA(Graphics),INTEL Driver (ver. XP17.25MB[downloadurl id=”7829″]
Samsung NC10-13GB VGA(Graphics),INTEL Driver (ver. 7(32bit)22.76MB[downloadurl id=”7839″]


Samsung NC10-13GB Sound(Audio) Driver (ver. XP91.96MB[downloadurl id=”7827″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Sound(Audio) Driver (ver. 7(32bit)18.59MB[downloadurl id=”7837″]


Samsung NC10-13GB Bluetooth,BROADCOM Driver (ver. XP46.04MB[downloadurl id=”7823″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Lan Driver (ver. XP1.16MB[downloadurl id=”7826″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Wireless LAN,ATHEROS Driver (ver. XP33.72MB[downloadurl id=”7830″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Wireless LAN,ATHEROS Driver (ver. 7(32bit)33.73MB[downloadurl id=”7831″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Qualcomm Atheros WLAN Driver Driver (ver. 7(32bit)74.16MB[downloadurl id=”7832″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Bluetooth,BROADCOM Driver (ver. 7(32bit)58.05MB[downloadurl id=”7833″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Lan Driver (ver. 7(32bit)1.35MB[downloadurl id=”7836″]


Samsung NC10-13GB BIOS(Firmware)(ver.11CA)Win XP / Windows 72.27MB[downloadurl id=”7862″]


Samsung NC10-13GB Chipset Driver (ver. XP2.05MB[downloadurl id=”7825″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Chipset Driver (ver. 7(32bit)2.47MB[downloadurl id=”7835″]


Samsung NC10-13GB Easy Display Manager(Software)(ver. XP17.17MB[downloadurl id=”7840″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Magic Keyboard(Software)(ver. XP2.58MB[downloadurl id=”7841″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Play Camera(Software)(ver. XP13.24MB[downloadurl id=”7842″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Recovery Solution(Software)(ver. XP40.72MB[downloadurl id=”7843″]
Samsung NC10-13GB SAMSUNG Battery Manager(Software)(ver. XP4.97MB[downloadurl id=”7844″]
Samsung NC10-13GB SAMSUNG Magic Doctor(Software)(ver. XP4.58MB[downloadurl id=”7845″]
Samsung NC10-13GB SAMSUNG Update Plus(Software)(ver. XP5.19MB[downloadurl id=”7846″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Install Guide(Software)(ver. XP161.86MB[downloadurl id=”7847″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Easy Network Manager(Software)(ver. XP17.02MB[downloadurl id=”7848″]
Samsung NC10-13GB MS Hotfix Security(Software)(ver. XP23.17MB[downloadurl id=”7849″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Easy Resolution Manager(Software)(ver. XP3.04MB[downloadurl id=”7850″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Easy Resolution Manager(Software)(ver. 7(32bit)3.19MB[downloadurl id=”7851″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Easy Battery Manager(Software)(ver. 7(32bit)3.88MB[downloadurl id=”7852″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Easy Display Manager(Software)(ver. 7(32bit)17.75MB[downloadurl id=”7853″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Easy Network Manager(Software)(ver. 7(32bit)17.02MB[downloadurl id=”7854″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Easy SpeedUp Manager(Software)(ver. 7(32bit)8.15MB[downloadurl id=”7855″]
Samsung NC10-13GB MCE Update(Software)(ver. 7(32bit)1.89MB[downloadurl id=”7856″]
Samsung NC10-13GB MS Hotfix Common(Software)(ver. 7(32bit)165.59MB[downloadurl id=”7857″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Recovery Solution(Software)(ver. 7(32bit)80.3MB[downloadurl id=”7858″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Samsung Support Center(Software)(ver. 7(32bit)24.24MB[downloadurl id=”7859″]
Samsung NC10-13GB SAMSUNG Update Plus(Software)(ver. 7(32bit)5.19MB[downloadurl id=”7860″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Install Guide(Software)(ver. 7(32bit)160.26MB[downloadurl id=”7861″]

[tab:Other drivers]

Samsung NC10-13GB Camera,D-MAX Driver (ver.7.11.717.2)Win XP15.92MB[downloadurl id=”7822″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Camera,Namuga Driver (ver.7.11.717.3)Win XP19.99MB[downloadurl id=”7824″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Touchpad Driver (ver. XP6.24MB[downloadurl id=”7828″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Camera Driver (ver.343.2001.4001.19)Windows 7(32bit)3.35MB[downloadurl id=”7834″]
Samsung NC10-13GB Touchpad Driver (ver. 7(32bit)28.33MB[downloadurl id=”7838″]



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