Samsung NC20-21GBK Netbook WinXP, Win 7 Drivers

Samsung NC20-21GBK Netbook is very good.I was in the market for a portable and light laptop that had enough battery power to last a good chunk of the day, while still having a decent monitor size and resolution. This computer is simply great. Perfect size, very portable and light weight. Screen is easy to read and very bright. The keyboard is easy to use, even with my big fingers.

Samsung NC20-21GBK Netbook WinXP, Win 7 Drivers


Samsung NC20-21GBK VGA(Graphics) Driver (ver. XP10.7MB[downloadurl id=”8195″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK VGA(Graphics) Driver (ver. 7(32bit)13.42MB[downloadurl id=”8197″]


Samsung NC20-21GBK Sound(Audio) Driver (ver. XP95.42MB[downloadurl id=”8193″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK Sound(Audio) Driver (ver. 7(32bit)18.59MB[downloadurl id=”8204″]


Samsung NC20-21GBK Bluetooth,BROADCOM Driver (ver. XP99.19MB[downloadurl id=”8188″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK Lan Driver (ver. XP1.16MB[downloadurl id=”8191″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK Wireless LAN,ATHEROS Driver (ver. XP33.73MB[downloadurl id=”8196″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK Wireless LAN,ATHEROS Driver (ver. 7(32bit)33.73MB[downloadurl id=”8198″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK Qualcomm Atheros WLAN Driver Driver (ver. 7(32bit)74.16MB[downloadurl id=”8199″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK Bluetooth,BROADCOM Driver (ver. 7(32bit)58.05MB[downloadurl id=”8200″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK Lan Driver (ver. 7(32bit)1.35MB[downloadurl id=”8202″]


Samsung NC20-21GBK System BIOS/MICOM(Firmware)(ver.09MQ)Win XP1.68MB[downloadurl id=”8224″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK BIOS(Firmware)(ver.10MQ)Windows 71.68MB[downloadurl id=”8225″]


Samsung NC20-21GBK Chipset Driver (ver. XP5.32MB[downloadurl id=”8190″]


Samsung NC20-21GBK Easy Display Manager(Software)(ver. XP9.15MB[downloadurl id=”8206″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK Easy Network Manager(Software)(ver. XP17.02MB[downloadurl id=”8207″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK Magic Keyboard(Software)(ver. XP2.59MB[downloadurl id=”8208″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK MS Hotfix Security(Software)(ver. XP23.17MB[downloadurl id=”8209″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK Recovery Solution(Software)(ver. XP43.16MB[downloadurl id=”8210″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK SAMSUNG Battery Manager(Software)(ver. XP3.44MB[downloadurl id=”8211″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK SAMSUNG Magic Doctor(Software)(ver. XP4.57MB[downloadurl id=”8212″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK SAMSUNG Update Plus(Software)(ver. XP5.19MB[downloadurl id=”8213″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK Install Guide(Software)(ver. XP141.35MB[downloadurl id=”8214″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK MS Hotfix Common(Software)(ver. 7(32bit)165.59MB[downloadurl id=”8215″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK Recovery Solution(Software)(ver. 7(32bit)80.3MB[downloadurl id=”8216″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK Easy Battery Manager(Software)(ver. 7(32bit)3.88MB[downloadurl id=”8217″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK Easy Display Manager(Software)(ver. 7(32bit)17.76MB[downloadurl id=”8218″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK Easy Network Manager(Software)(ver. 7(32bit)17.02MB[downloadurl id=”8219″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK Easy SpeedUp Manager(Software)(ver. 7(32bit)8.15MB[downloadurl id=”8220″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK MCE Update(Software)(ver. 7(32bit)1.89MB[downloadurl id=”8221″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK Samsung Support Center(Software)(ver. 7(32bit)24.24MB[downloadurl id=”8222″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK SAMSUNG Update Plus(Software)(ver. 7(32bit)5.19MB[downloadurl id=”8223″]

[tab:Other drivers]

Samsung NC20-21GBK Camera Driver (ver.343.2001.4001.7)Win XP3.72MB[downloadurl id=”8189″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK MMCR Driver (ver.5.1.6000.0300)Win XP14.77MB[downloadurl id=”8192″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK Touchpad Driver (ver. XP6.24MB[downloadurl id=”8194″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK Camera Driver (ver.343.2001.4001.19)Windows 7(32bit)3.35MB[downloadurl id=”8201″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK MMCR Driver (ver.7.0.7000.330)Windows 7(32bit)8.25MB[downloadurl id=”8203″]
Samsung NC20-21GBK Touchpad Driver (ver. 7(32bit)28.33MB[downloadurl id=”8205″]



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