Samsung NP300E4AJ Notebook Windows XP / Windows 7 Drivers

Samsung NP300E4AJ Notebook Specs:

  • Intel® Core™ i3 2350M (2,3 GHz, 3 MB L3 Cache)
  • Intel® HD Graphics 3000
    Memoria compartida (Gráficos internos)
  •  Intel HM65
  • 4 GB DDR3 @ 1.333 MHz (4 GB x 1)
    2 x SODIMM (Hasta 8 GB)
  • 13,00″ x 9,00″ x 1,14″ ~ 1,37″
    2,2 kg (4,85 lbs)
  • 10 / 100 / 1.000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN
    802.11bg/n 1 x 1 (hasta 150 Mbps)
    Bluetooth 3.0

Samsung NP300E4AJ Notebook Windows XP / Windows 7 Drivers download


Samsung NP300E4AJ VGA(Graphics),INTEL Driver (ver. XP22.43MB[downloadurl id=”5593″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ VGA(Graphics),INTEL Driver (ver. 7(64bit)82.79MB[downloadurl id=”5610″]


Samsung NP300E4AJ Sound(Audio) Driver (ver. XP94.69MB[downloadurl id=”5595″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Sound(Audio) Driver (ver. 7(32bit,64bit)89.46MB[downloadurl id=”5605″]


Samsung NP300E4AJ Bluetooth Driver (ver. XP135.93MB[downloadurl id=”5589″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Lan Driver (ver.5.788.613.2011)Win XP5.14MB[downloadurl id=”5594″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Wireless LAN,INTEL Driver (ver. XP34.64MB[downloadurl id=”5596″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Wireless LAN,ATHEROS Driver (ver. 7(32bit)33.73MB[downloadurl id=”5598″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Wireless LAN,INTEL Driver (ver. 7(32bit)61.81MB[downloadurl id=”5599″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Bluetooth Driver (ver. 7(32bit,64bit)309.06MB[downloadurl id=”5600″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Lan Driver (ver.7.44.421.2011)Windows 7(32bit,64bit)5.07MB[downloadurl id=”5604″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Intel Bluetooth High Speed Driver Driver (ver. 7(32bit,64bit)129.48MB[downloadurl id=”5607″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Wireless LAN,ATHEROS Driver (ver. 7(64bit)33.73MB[downloadurl id=”5609″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Wireless LAN,INTEL Driver (ver. 7(64bit)68.47MB[downloadurl id=”5611″]


Samsung NP300E4AJ Update Software(Firmware)(ver. 72.11MB[downloadurl id=”5630″]


Samsung NP300E4AJ Chipset Driver (ver. XP2.54MB[downloadurl id=”5591″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Chipset Driver (ver. 7(32bit,64bit)2.54MB[downloadurl id=”5601″]


Samsung NP300E4AJ Battery Life Extender(Software)(ver. XP12.58MB[downloadurl id=”5612″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Easy Display Manager(Software)(ver. XP24.67MB[downloadurl id=”5613″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Easy SpeedUp Manager(Software)(ver. XP5.48MB[downloadurl id=”5614″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ MS Hotfix Security(Software)(ver. XP24.04MB[downloadurl id=”5615″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Recovery Solution(Software)(ver. XP101.48MB[downloadurl id=”5616″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Samsung Support Center(Software)(ver. XP43.74MB[downloadurl id=”5617″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ SAMSUNG Update Plus(Software)(ver. XP8.72MB[downloadurl id=”5618″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Easy File Share(Software)(ver. 7(32bit,64bit)25.84MB[downloadurl id=”5619″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Easy Migration(Software)(ver. 7(32bit,64bit)49.94MB[downloadurl id=”5620″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ MCE Update(Software)(ver. 7(32bit,64bit)2.24MB[downloadurl id=”5621″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ MS Hotfix Common(Software)(ver. 7(32bit,64bit)3.26MB[downloadurl id=”5622″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ MS Hotfix CriticalUpdates(Software)(ver.201202.0.0.0)Windows 7(32bit,64bit)159.0MB[downloadurl id=”5623″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Recovery Solution(Software)(ver. 7(32bit,64bit)101.45MB[downloadurl id=”5624″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Install Guide(Software)(ver. 7(32bit,64bit)400.05MB[downloadurl id=”5625″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Easy Software manager(Software)(ver. 7(32bit,64bit)12.33MB[downloadurl id=”5626″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Easy Support Center(Software)(ver. 7(32bit,64bit)44.67MB[downloadurl id=”5627″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Software Launcher(Software)(ver. 7(32bit,64bit)3.88MB[downloadurl id=”5628″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Easy Settings(Software)(ver. 7(32bit,64bit)116.65MB[downloadurl id=”5629″]

[tab:Other drivers]

Samsung NP300E4AJ Camera Driver (ver. XP16.53MB[downloadurl id=”5590″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ HECI Driver (ver. XP3.87MB[downloadurl id=”5592″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Touchpad Driver (ver. XP178.52MB[downloadurl id=”5597″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ HECI Driver (ver. 7(32bit,64bit)3.87MB[downloadurl id=”5602″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Intel Rapid Storage Driver (ver. 7(32bit,64bit)10.68MB[downloadurl id=”5603″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ Touchpad Driver (ver. 7(32bit,64bit)212.04MB[downloadurl id=”5606″]
Samsung NP300E4AJ WWAN Y3400 Samsung Data Card Modem Driver Driver (ver.5.40.3671.0)Windows 7(32bit,64bit)7.48MB[downloadurl id=”5608″]



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