Samsung P460-44G win7 drivers

Samsung P460-44G win7 drivers support for Windows 7(32bit,64bit).

Windows 7 (32bit,64bit) drivers for Samsung P460-44G laptop download now

download (508) Bluetooth,BROADCOM (Driver) (ver.
download (481) Camera (Driver) (ver.7.11.706.1)15.9
 download (474)Samsung P460-44G Chipset (Driver) (ver.
 download (522) IMSM (Driver) (ver.
 download (501) Lan (Driver) (ver.
 download (470) MMCR (Driver) (ver.
 download (483) Modem (Driver) (ver.
 download (508)Samsung P460-44G Sound(Audio) (Driver) (ver.
 download (534) Touchpad (Driver) (ver.

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