Toshiba Satellite L455 and Pro L450 Series BIOS Update

The BIOS support for L455 series : L455-SP2901A, L455-SP2901R, L455-SP2901C, L455-SP2902C, L455-SP2902A, L455-SP2902R, L455-SP2903C, L455-SP2903A, L455-SP2903R, L455-SP2922C,L455-SP2922A, L455-SP2925A, L455-SP2922R, L455-SP2925C, L455-S5975, L455-S5980, L455-SP5016M, L455-SP5014L, L455-SP5014M, L455-SP5011L, L455-SP5011M, L455-SP5015L, L455-SP5015M, L455-SP2925R, L455-S5000, L455-SP5016L, L455-S5989, L455-S5981. L450 series : L450-SP2918A, L450-EZ1541, L450-SP2918R,L450-EZ1542, L450-SP2918C, L450-EZ1543.

download the bios 5.9MB v. 1.00 download


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